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I would like to read the DCI Ryan novels in order – where should I start?

The order of the books is as follows:

  1. Holy Island
  2. Sycamore Gap
  3. Heavenfield
  4. Angel
  5. High Force
  6. Cragside
  7. Dark Skies
  8. Seven Bridges
  9. The Hermitage
  10. Longstone
  11. The Infirmary (Prequel)
  12. The Moor
  13. Penshaw
  14. Borderlands
  15. Ryan’s Christmas
  16. The Shrine
  17. Cuthbert’s Way

I would like a paperback version of the books – where can I buy them?

All of the books are widely available in all good bookshops, on the Amazon store and you can request them from your local library.

Are audiobook versions available?

Yes, audiobook narrations of the books are all available to purchase via Audible. The link to buy is here.

Can I find your books at the library?

Yes, many libraries nationwide stock LJ Ross’ books. If your local library does not have them in stock, you can request copies.

As a firm supporter of libraries, Louise has also donated a large number of books nationwide. Should you find there are funding issues at your library, please get in touch directly and she will see if there is anything she can do to help.

I’m an aspiring author – if I send you my manuscript, would you read it? 

It is wonderful to hear you are planning to become a writer! Regrettably, owing to her own work and personal commitments  Louise is unable to commit to reading or critiquing manuscripts, but wishes any aspiring writer her very best wishes – and don’t forget to check out the Lindisfarne Prize for Crime Fiction to see if you’re eligible to apply!

Can you be my mentor?

Louise would love to help everyone who wants to pursue their dream to write. Unfortunately, due to extensive work commitments and a busy family life, she is unable to commit to mentoring anyone at present. However, she offers ad hoc advice about writing and self-publishing via her blog and on the Huffington Post. She has also taken part in some useful workshops, covering topics ranging from ‘How to write a bestseller’ to ‘It’s all in the Cover’. If you would like to see those discussions, you can view them here.

Will there be more DCI Ryan and Dr Gregory novels?

Yes! So long as there is an exciting story to tell, we will see more adventures with DCI Ryan and Dr Gregory. There are also plans to release brand new stories soon.

In what order should I read the Dr Gregory novels?

  1. Impostor
  2. Hysteria
  3. Bedlam