Ssh, guess what..?

Heavenfield Facebook Art

Ryan’s back, and he’s got a bit of a bone to pick…

That’s right, folks! The wait is nearly over. For those of you who have been looking forward to the next instalment of DCI Ryan, put 12th March in your diaries because you’ll be able to download his latest adventure in ‘Heavenfield‘ onto your Kindle from then!

For those who are tuning in for the banter, let me move swiftly on to discuss the latest recurring topic to draw my attention in the world of writing. Namely, the question of how to stay sane when all around the world is jockeying for position in such a competitive industry. The answer is simple, my friends: booze, and lots of it.

Just kidding.

There is no formula to deal with the stress which comes from operating within a competitive industry, but I can only tell you what I try to do each day that I open my laptop. I try to remain clear-headed and focussed on what I wish to convey with my writing. I remember the reasons why I started to write in the first place and I remind myself that the world is a topsy-turvy sort of place where there are no guarantees. You just have to throw yourself into it, keep your eye on the end goal and try not to be swayed by the passing crowd. Let some critique filter in at the appropriate times and accept it with good grace, because that’s common sense. Otherwise, let the rumbling din pass over your head and enjoy the peace which comes from falling into your own story. It seems trite, but sometimes the simplest approach is the best one.

After all, if you’re enjoying yourself, there’s a much greater likelihood that your readers will enjoy it too!

Catch you later!